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Righi Elettroservizi S.p.A., a Righi Group Company, is specialized in industrial automation, technological plant and energy efficiency. The facilities are located in Bologna, Parma and Mercato Saraceno (HQ) and the employees are over 200, whose about 100 are Software Engineers and Software Designers. The company has a strong export trend with over the 60% of products and systems meant to foreign markets.

The Group has closed the 2019 with double-digit growth in revenue and a 2020 in line with the trend of the previous year. A growth that indicates a clear strategy which aims to consolidate its leadership in the fields of industrial automation, electrification and digitalization; providing integrated solutions for the industry world.

The union of technological partnership developed over the time with important multinational companies as Siemens, Schneider, ABB and Rittal, joined with active collaborations with universities and high schools and continuous internal training, combined with important experiences gained on field, allows to Righi Group to have the necessary skills to better face the future challenges in its own sector.


“Think Better, Do Better” It’s the slogan placed at the entrance of the new competence center, that embodies the spirit of the company.


The new competence center is about 800 square meters, which we launch today, faithfully embodies the text displayed at the door of the building, the area is intended to the activities of Research and develop (R&D), Systems monitoring, Software Development and after-sales services on the new Righi Smart Service platform. At the ground floor we find the Plant Management area.


The criteria, used for the construction of the new building, are based on four central pillars:


Eco-sustainability, the building dispose of innovative technologies for the use and the production of electricity from renewable sources. It is completely sustainable.


Care of the working environment, we wanted to ensure comfortable spaces for our employees. More than 50 workstations, located in different settings, give the possibility to choose, depending on the personal and professional needs, between different sceneries where the employee can work. The sceneries and the attractive colors want to create an atmosphere that brings the technicians closer to playful context while remaining immersed in the numerous plants places throughout the area. A choice designed to create a contrast with the big technological imprinting that characterized Righi Group. The environment wants to ensure a fair balance between personal and professional needs, the workstations are not assigned and are freed up every day by those who used them during the working day. We tried to find the correct compromise between privacy and sharing, creating the best conditions for our employees giving them the opportunity to better express their potential.


Network and Technology, we believe that sharing experiences and working closer to our clients, suppliers, collaborators, schools, universities and research centers is the best way to grow together and innovate. Creating a Virtuous Network and a technological community as the opportunity to become more distinctive and competitive to face the future challenges.


Training and Skills, between the strategic themes, training will be one of the project that will be empowered. The Righi Academy project is decisive, characterized by its own recognizable and structured brand. The project supports the desire and the commitment of the company to guarantee the best technical training for both the internal collaborators and the graduate students.


“Growing up means knowing how to innovate and knowing how to anticipate a continuous changing market” – states Mauro Righi, chief of Righi Group – “For our Group, innovation means turning towards digital integration between systems and intra-sector synergy: PLC automation, drive technology, electromechanics, energy and building technology. Righi Group is no longer a simple supplier, but the customer’s partner for a common project. Together to find the best solution, together to reach the same goals. We want to be perceived as innovators: reliable partners you can count on, able to face the increasingly digitalized future that awaits us with competence and expertise.”

The transformation of the market demand during the last 20 years is a constant, since the web has started to impose its rules to the entire business world. The actual pandemic situation has only accelerated some trends that were already emerging.

In this “new-normality”, partnership and clearness of the supply chain will play a critical role. It means working together to update the architecture of the supply chain.

The network between companies of the new supply chain will be structured to be adapted to new requirements. The work’s flow will be digitalized, with the aim to quickly reacts to the market change.