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Ethical Code

Loyalty, integrity, honesty, competence and transparency

Ethical Code

Approved by the Board of Directors of Righi Elettroservizi SpA, the Code of Ethics clearly states the commitments and responsibilities in the operating procedures and the conduct of business activities, in which employees of the group, are called to follow. Loyalty, integrity, honesty, competence, transparency and absolute respect for the laws and regulations are the shared values in pursuit of the goal of all those who work for the Righi Group. To this have been set 10 rules of conduct, which summarize the company’s mission:


  1. Customer satisfaction determines and controls group work: quality, punctuality, sincerity and precision in the services offered are the key factors.
  2. The internal worker represents for the company, the first client. It is their duty to know clearly the goals and tasks within the company aside from the pursuit in attaining these goals.
  3. Maintaining constant exchange of opinion in the bid to improve all aspects of the company.
  4. The leader covers a charismatic role as regards the group and has to transmit dynamicity, desire to achieve and be a good example to all around.
  5. For every meeting punctuality, preparation, clear and concise presentations of the intended discussion are all essential requirements for a correct working manner, efficiency, sincerity and transparency which all combine to improve the company moral and increase our credibility.
  6. Always enforce qualities such as: the attitude, the way work is conducted, the spirit of the workforce: these are the key elements which determine and influence the good and bad of those around us
  7. The successes of the team or individuals should always be praised. On the other hand faults or problems, even if rare, have to be discussed in full to allow for complete understanding towards the reasons behind them. Feed back from all concerned is a vital tool in the constant and continual achievements of the group.
  8. We are a team who arrange and fix concrete and sound goals. We achieve, understand and create.
  9. Every employee, within the internal workforce of the group must realize the moment to “push the stop button” when they see it necessary as the high quality service which is at the core of the company philosophy may be compromised.
  10. Safety and concern to all as well as the protection of the environment are entrusted to all and all are responsible for this. Here within lies the necessity to signal at the correct time possible dangers and/or “avoid dangers.”