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Righi Elettroservizi as partner of Europower for a cogeneration plant in the South of Italy

Righi Elettroservizi as partner of Europower for a cogeneration plant in the South of Italy

At the end of 2021, as Righi Elettroservizi, we completed an important project for our client Europower, where we were responsible for the hardware design and construction of the electrical control panels, the development of the process software and the electro-instrumental testing activities on site for the cogeneration plant at an important poligrafo plant in the south of Italy.

The automation system is based on Schneider Modicon M580 architecture, equipped in part with CPUs and SIL3 boards to service the safety systems for managing the gas compressor, the turbine and the release logics of the MV/LV cabin.

One of the particularities of the installation was the use of extenders for the bidirectional transmission of analog and digital signals via optical fiber with the installation of “RIO” (i/o remotes) to obtain the signals of the users concerned.

The use of the “RIO” (i/o remotes), with optical fiber and copper communication, has allowed to reduce the use of cables for interfacing the various utilities, leading to a reduction of the economic impact on the implementation of the system and using a faster and safer data exchange system thanks to the strong expertise and know-how of Righi Elettroservizi.

The benefits for the end customer are energetic, environmental and economic.

Thanks to the cogeneration plant, there will be a reduction in consumption of around 35-40%.

Two other significant advantages will derive from the lower consumption: a reduction in emissions into the atmosphere with a consequent reduction in the environmental impact of the production of electrical and thermal energy and economic savings.