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Righi Smarthelp is a new technology adopted by the Righi Group. It is an Augmented Reality Software Platform usable with wearable computing devices (Smart Glasses and Smart Helmet) and mobile devices (Smartphone and Tablet) that allow operators to communicate and transmit important information, by ensuring an increase of production effectiveness and a decrease of mistakes and operation anomalies. The Augmented Reality can overcome the geographic frontiers and it permits to observe and navigate into automatic plants in every place of the World. Managers will be able to work comfortably from their office and will be guarantee the same performance that would come from being physically present on the site.

The Augmented Reality permits the display of bulky industrial appliances eliminating management and logistics cost. It allows to reach a higher level of interactivity by the users because with the Augmented Reality is possible to simulate the working of a machinery even in environments where it wouldn’t be possible.

The benefits of immersive technology (a term that includes augmented reality and virtual reality) will bring enormous benefits to companies and operators; according to the Economist Michael Porter it will be the tool that will allow man to fill the gap between the physical and the digital world…

The Righi Group wants to support its clients and technicians with Smarthelp technology by transferring competencies and maintaining a continuous contact all over the World. This situation will bring a double result: from one hand customers will receive faster and more focus aids and it will increase their satisfaction, from the other hand technicians will have a continuous training and they won’t have gaps in their technical knowledge. Smarthelp is a video-assistance platform designed to ensure effective support remotely. It will fit different sector, in particular, the industrial one and it will ensure assistance without transfers, experts will remain inside the company.

The Engineer Fabio Bambini, Software & R&D Manager of the Righi Group, explains that in the next years the Righi Group will reduce the 30% of on field operations, reducing travel and thus saving about 8000 kg of CO2.

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