st automation


St Automation Srl is a company located in Campogalliano (Mo) and works  in the process of control and production for the field of human nutrition, animal feed and mills, with customers in more than 20 countries of the world.

It has been acquired by Righi Group and incorporated into its Parma site as a new asset.

In line with the aim to create synergies between the Group’s companies with an original business combination approach. New dynamics about the advanced researched in the field of dosage and transportation, food and zoo technical sector, that have always been typical in the Righi Group.

This will allow the group to grow in new markets at the side of ST Automation with new technologies such as innovative control systems, simulated vision systems, software for digitization of processes (IOT), robotics and many technologies available on the podium of services offered from the group.

In view of this new operation, new assumptions and a sharp increase in the turnover is estimated.

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