The past year was full of important results for the Righi Group, which had a territorial expansion, business development and turnover growth. The company, based in Mercato Saraceno, is leader in the automation markettechnology plantssystem integration and information technology. The highlights, that permitted to the company to reach the great turnover of about 45.000.000,00 €, were different important works with high technology level performed in America, Nord Africa and Arabic Countries.  At the same time, the Company made important investment in the Industry 4.0, developed a new digital department inside and a control center for client assistance based on augmented reality with the new technology “Righi SmartHelp”. Another great satisfaction for the Company, that is still growing also in terms of humans resources, was the winning of the “Best Mindsphere Project Italy 2018” at the Siemens Solution Partners Award.

“The past year – explains Mauro Righi, Managing Director of the Righi Group – was full of satisfaction and permitted to reach a double-digit growth. For the next year we look at growing sector such as automation / robotic, energy, nutrition, mobility, water and environment. To maintain the great results of 2018 we will invest in training and improvement of skills of our employees, to whom we are planning new high level training courses. Finally, we are aware that our great success is strictly related to our customer satisfaction, and we will work in order to consolidate the relationship with our clients and to improve all the “best practice” that are necessary to guarantee a high quality service. “

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Righi Smarthelp is a new technology adopted by the Righi Group. It is an Augmented Reality Software Platform usable with wearable computing devices (Smart Glasses and Smart Helmet) and mobile devices (Smartphone and Tablet) that allow operators to communicate and transmit important information, by ensuring an increase of production effectiveness and a decrease of mistakes and operation anomalies. The Augmented Reality can overcome the geographic frontiers and it permits to observe and navigate into automatic plants in every place of the World. Managers will be able to work comfortably from their office and will be guarantee the same performance that would come from being physically present on the site.

The Augmented Reality permits the display of bulky industrial appliances eliminating management and logistics cost. It allows to reach a higher level of interactivity by the users because with the Augmented Reality is possible to simulate the working of a machinery even in environments where it wouldn’t be possible.

The benefits of immersive technology (a term that includes augmented reality and virtual reality) will bring enormous benefits to companies and operators; according to the Economist Michael Porter it will be the tool that will allow man to fill the gap between the physical and the digital world…

The Righi Group wants to support its clients and technicians with Smarthelp technology by transferring competencies and maintaining a continuous contact all over the World. This situation will bring a double result: from one hand customers will receive faster and more focus aids and it will increase their satisfaction, from the other hand technicians will have a continuous training and they won’t have gaps in their technical knowledge. Smarthelp is a video-assistance platform designed to ensure effective support remotely. It will fit different sector, in particular, the industrial one and it will ensure assistance without transfers, experts will remain inside the company.

The Engineer Fabio Bambini, Software & R&D Manager of the Righi Group, explains that in the next years the Righi Group will reduce the 30% of on field operations, reducing travel and thus saving about 8000 kg of CO2.

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Righi Elettroservizi completed a new project, that it is the heart of the water treatment plants used for the desalination service of some Algerian oil fields. Righi was involved in the design and in the supply of a control systems.

Important and urgent action with the aim to improve the water quality.

A truly ambitious project that was realized in collaboration with Bonatti:  an industrial legend from Parma, that has created his own business in the Oil and Gas sector.

Righi Elettroservizi studied the automation and control system finalized to manage power users and the field instrumental.

The control switchboards have a high level PLC design with different communication systems, that allow the systems to be monitored and controlled remotely.

The network/satellite connection systems allows to supervise continuously the systems status in order to be ready to act promptly if anomalies happen.

The raw water is drawn, filtered and blended with some chemicals additives before to be injected in the different oil wells. The high pressure injection is controlled by pneumatic control valves in order to have the right dosage.

The project has been realized according to the highest standards of Engineering and Manufacturing, in perfect working order and it guarantees a high quality level system.

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Righi Elettroservizi SpA announces the acquisition, through the collaboration with Intergen, of an important project in the Oil & Gas sector in Kuwait.

KIPIC is a subsidiary of Kuwait Petroleum Corporation set up by the State of Kuwait to manage refinery, petrochemicals and LNG import operations in the Al-Zour complex.
KIPIC is building a new world-class grass roots refinery in Kuwait to produce low sulfur fuel oil to replace high sulfur fuel oil used in local power plants.

This refinery uses the latest technology in compliance with stringent environmental regulations to protect the local environment. At the same time, it produces the latest eco-friendly with a low sulfur diesel fuels for world markets and jet fuel, kerosene and plant naphtha fuels for petrochemicals.
The refinery treatment facilities are supported by different off-site infrastructure and public services, these facilities are also use with receiving and shipping of products, electrical systems, boilers, etc. The maximum water recycling is managed in the refinery to minimize the effluents from the plant
This refinery will represent 43% of the country’s refining capacity and will be the largest in the Middle East with a production of 615,000 barrels of oil per day. The entire project represents an investment of about 23 billion dollars.

Righi Elettroservizi SpA uses the latest technology to be in compliance with strict environmental regulations to protect the local environment and it has designed and provided 47 low voltage electrical panels to control 20 emergency groups with diesel engine and medium voltage alternator, with the following characteristics:

• N° 12 DIESEL GENERATOR SET 3000Kva – 6,6 kV – 50 Hz
• N° 3 DIESEL GENERATOR SET 2500Kva – 6,6 kV – 50 Hz
• N° 3 DIESEL GENERATOR SET 3000Kva – 11 kV – 50 Hz
• N° 2 DIESEL GENERATOR SET 1000Kva – 6,6 kV – 50 Hz

A control equipment for the installation and interfacing have been installed inside these electrical panels:

• Machine Monitoring and Machine Protection
• Anti Surge Control
• Steam Governor/Turbine Over Speed Protection
• Analyzers



Eplan Training Course was successfully completed, organized in a week and activated at the Righi Conference Room. 10 employees of the technical office have obtained the certification.

EPLAN Electric P8 offers unlimited possibilities for project planning, documentation, and management of automation projects. The automatic production of detailed reports based on wiring diagrams is an integral part of a comprehensive documentation system and provides subsequent phases of the project, such as production, assembly, commissioning and service with the data required. Engineering data from other project areas can be exchanged via interfaces with the CAE software, thus guaranteeing consistency and integration throughout the entire product development process.

The use of the software allows us to open new channels to other European partners that require the realization of electrical documentation in the formats proposed by Eplan.

“Explain Mauro Righi, It’s necessary to have a permanent training to succeed in today’s business and economic context. Using a valid program is not sufficient to guarantee an efficient and sophisticated design. As a result, advanced employee training and training is an investment in skills and productivity, helping to create and extend business know-how and make software use more effective and profitable.
Furthermore, the program EPLAN  allows a better interface with the new Rittal machine that we have bought for the realization of the work on the carpentries .

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St Automation Srl is a company located in Campogalliano (Mo) and works  in the process of control and production for the field of human nutrition, animal feed and mills, with customers in more than 20 countries of the world.

It has been acquired by Righi Group and incorporated into its Parma site as a new asset.

In line with the aim to create synergies between the Group’s companies with an original business combination approach. New dynamics about the advanced researched in the field of dosage and transportation, food and zoo technical sector, that have always been typical in the Righi Group.

This will allow the group to grow in new markets at the side of ST Automation with new technologies such as innovative control systems, simulated vision systems, software for digitization of processes (IOT), robotics and many technologies available on the podium of services offered from the group.

In view of this new operation, new assumptions and a sharp increase in the turnover is estimated.

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15 millions euro investment, 10 months of work, 3.8 megawatts of power and saving approximately 5,000 tons of CO2 every year. These are the numbers of the new cogeneration plant in BASF Pontecchio Marconi (BO).

The multinational chemical company choosed for plant and process control Righi Elettroservizi SpA as technology partner. The heart of the system is characterized by a turbine powered by methane, which generates the electricity needed to the plants with its rotation. Thanks to a heat recovery system guarantees the steam production, necessary for the operation of the establishment.

All the utilities are controlled and supervised by a Motor Control Center, of the products line Righi TQM Multisystem, with extractable drawers technology to ensure the rapid replacement of the malfunctioning part, obtaining also the maximum continuity of the system service. In this specific case, We have provided the version with internal arc, ensuring to the operators a greater level of security.

Under the same project, Righi Elettroservizi SpA has also designed the service to the automation system of the “Back up boiler”, that is a traditional boiler for steam production, which comes into operation automatically in case of shutdown of the gas turbine for malfunction or for maintenance.

The sophisticated system is controlled by a SCADA software that handles all system variables, using specific algorithms and also the experience of Righi Elettroservizi spa in the Engineering Software area, ensures the proper functioning and efficiency of the system. Every single part of the system is monitored 24 hours a day, all data are processed and translated into graphics, providing all the information to the operators for the proper conduct. The graphical interface is very simple and intuitive, instantly makes the idea of ​​how it is working the complex system, reporting any anomalies with color changes of system components or intermittently on the symbols, with communications alerts through email or text message.

Righi Elettroservizi SpA got a remote area in its headquarters, which there are connected systems built all over the world, monitoring their operation and guarantees the efficiency and the continuous support to its customers.



Righi Elettroservizi SpA is recognized as an ABB autorized Value provider for distribution of sale services, support, installation, maintenance, general services and retrofitting on the following Low Voltage products Abb;


Industria 4.0


Some have compared Industrie 4.0 with the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

It represents the current trend of automation and data exchange in manufactuting technologies, from the third industrial revolution will become the concept of the interconnection between different technologies and different device.

Smart factories is designed and engineered on organizational and logistical modular structures that allow to collect huge amounts of data about the production and the processes. With this data will possible to take not only smarter decisions with a view to optimization and production efficiency, but also a new interface between user and machine designed to reduce the time to market.

The INDUSTRY 4.0 will bring the production entirely Automated, where operators, machines, components and systems are Interconnected in real time and can communicate and collaborate.

Thanks to its organization, network, its well prepared technician and the experience acquired over the years, Righi Elettroservizi is able to play a leading role in the Forth Industrial Revolution, to the INDUSTRY 4.0

In 2017 there will be new procedures for the Industry 4.0 plan, the national plan is built on tax incentives and  super amortization; New tax incentives in Italy which are aimed to contribute to competitiveness and Italian digital industry development.


A new partnership with Siemens


Righi Elettroservizi spa signed an agreement of Franchise System with Siemens.
The partnership will see Righi Elettroservizi spa, produce and distribute the line of switchboards SIVACON S8 licensed Siemens on the Italian market as a single contact.

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Where goods ideas come from

Righi Elettroservizi spa build a new engineering area for his staff with skilled to increase the development and process of the know how. This is the place where our ideas come from and where our projects from the technology information word come true.

TECHCAB srl joins Righi Group

Righi Elettroservizi spa got a substantial shareholding in Techcab srl to be closer to the needs of all customers, improving Righi Elettroservizi service.