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Righi Elettroservizi completed a new project, that it is the heart of the water treatment plants used for the desalination service of some Algerian oil fields. Righi was involved in the design and in the supply of a control systems.

Important and urgent action with the aim to improve the water quality.

A truly ambitious project that was realized in collaboration with Bonatti:  an industrial legend from Parma, that has created his own business in the Oil and Gas sector.

Righi Elettroservizi studied the automation and control system finalized to manage power users and the field instrumental.

The control switchboards have a high level PLC design with different communication systems, that allow the systems to be monitored and controlled remotely.

The network/satellite connection systems allows to supervise continuously the systems status in order to be ready to act promptly if anomalies happen.

The raw water is drawn, filtered and blended with some chemicals additives before to be injected in the different oil wells. The high pressure injection is controlled by pneumatic control valves in order to have the right dosage.

The project has been realized according to the highest standards of Engineering and Manufacturing, in perfect working order and it guarantees a high quality level system.

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